we are a group of folks who are gathering to think and scheme about facilitation in the CHID department.

from all kinds of different experiences… ‘peer facilitating’ ‘co facilitating’ ‘teaching’ ‘lecturing’ ‘advising’ etc (so many different words and roles around teaching, learning, and being a human)…we have some intention to bring proposals to CHID about the role of undergrad student facilitation in the department and create/distribute/archive pedagogy resources that we’ve found helpful and informative to practicing a thoughtful pedagogy.

(here we could put our shared values/ideas about what a thoughtful pedagogy is! lets come up with those!!!!)

this site, like a free bin at a collective house or free store, requires a little searching, navigating, digging, scrolling, asking, listening…etc.

so check out the resources we are putting up. hopefully they’ll be helpful in all realms of life, for i’d like to think education/learning happens in all parts of our lives, and we are constantly practicing, theorizing, practicing, theorizing, and sharing and talking throughout these processes.


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